image class="left" url=""It sounds very simple dump a bag of crushed ice into the ice chest, place in the meals and drinks and then if you are definitely critical, layer a further bag of crushed ice on major. This will work fine if you are going on a picnic, but just tossing a couple bags of crushed ice into the ice chest is fully inadequate for even short weekend camping trips.

This functionality gap is sizeable, particularly when you take into consideration that upgrading to the five-day line from Coleman or Igloo is not that a great deal more high priced. It's frequently only a big difference of $ten or $15 depending on the size. If you have the income, go with a Yeti. I received mine two years ago and have abused the hell out of it. Its my poling platform, beer cooler, fish cooler, dry box, ect. I have the 65 qt and a buddy has a 45 that we use as a casting platform.

However not fairly as very well recognized in the rugged ice chest industry as Yeti, Icey-Tek, or Engel, Canyon is a brand whose coolers - with their virtually three-inch thick polyurethane walls - deserve interest. The bottom line: for $50, you could as effectively have a cooler that cools more reliably in case you ever have to have it to do so.

I have got one of individuals major white ones that sams and wal-mart have carried for many years. It keeps ice on a three day camp out with the scouts all through 100 degreee temps. It is kept ice for 6 days at summer camp when we use it to supply small private coolers for the boys. We use it every week in our van to deliver our groceries residence as we dwell 20 miles from the shop and might make numerous stops just before we get residence. It assume they are priced a minor reduce now than when I bought it. thirty to forty dollars.

We make picking out the ideal sized cooler a breeze. No matter whether you want a great cooler for camping, hunting, fishing, or even business applications...Bison coolers has you covered! All of our coolers are accurate to quart in dimension making certain that you get what is the best ice cooler for the money ( you pay out for regardless of the dimension you decide on. Best of all...our coolers expense hundreds significantly less than rivals brands and are as excellent or even greater as far as total top quality and ice retention.
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